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H-13 Air Hardening Tool Steel

H-13 is an air hardening, 5% chromium die steel, which is an excellent choice for a wide range of hot work and cold work applications. H-13 is widely used for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium die casting dies where resistance to thermal fatigue due to alternated heating and cooling cycles is of primary importance.


0.32 - 0.45 4.75 - 5.500.20 - 0.601.10 - 1.75 0.80 - 1.250.80 - 1.20

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Flats • Hollowbar • Metric • Non-Standard • Rounds • Squares • Standard


Die Casting DiesDummy BlocksExtrusion Dies - Hot
Forging DiesHeading Dies - HotHeavy Shear Blades
InsertsMandrelsPiercing Tools - Hot
Plastic Mold DiesPunches - HotSwaging Dies - Hot


AFNOR Z 40 COV 5 - France
DIN 1.2344 - Germany
UNI KU - Italy
JIS SKD61 - Japan
SS 2242 - Sweden
B.S. BH 13 - United Kingdom
ASTM A681 - US
FED QQ-T-570 - US
SAE J437 - US
SAE J438 - US
SAE J467 - US
UNS T20813 - US
AISI H13 Tool Steel - US

TreatmentTemperature RangeCooling/QuenchingNotes
Forging2000-2100° FSlowDo not forge below 1650° F. Anneal after forging.
Annealing1560-1625° FCool slowly at a rate of 35° F per hour to a 1110° F.Protect against surface decarburization using controlled atmosphere or by pack-annealing. Hold at temperature for 2 hours.
Stress Relieving1110-1300° FCool slowly in furnace to 930° F. Then in air.
Preheating1400-1500° FPreheat time in furnace is ¾ Hr. per inch of thickness. Heating up to temperature as slow as possible.
Hardening1830-1900° FTo minimize distortion, air cool. For maximum hardness diameters greater than 6” should be quenched in oil.Soak time is 30 minutes per inch of thickness. Minimum of 1 hour. Allow to cool to 125-150° F before tempering
Tempering(See Chart)In air.Complete equalization of temperature throughout the tools is essential for good results. Double temper. Recommended temperature is 1000-1200° F.
Data is typical and should not be construed as actual values for any category.
Applications and technical information require engineers and tool designers to exercise independent judgement.


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